Silk Foamiran Sheet - 30 x 40cm - White (SF-W)

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Silk Foamiran Sheet - 30 x 40cm - White (SF-W)

Chances are you’ve seen beautiful, three-dimensional flowers and wondered what they were made from. Or, perhaps you’ve heard the word “foamiran” floating around and didn’t know what it meant. Foamiran flowers have been around for a few years and as more people learn about this remarkable material, consumer demand is on the increase.

The word “foamiran” is simply a contraction of “foam Iran”, which is where this special material originates. It’s a super-thin craft foam that is specifically designed for making flowers with almost lifelike details. Regular craft foam—the kind most of us are familiar with is typically 2mm thick. It’s flexible and fun, but no one is going to think it’s anything but foam. Foamiran, however, is approximately half the thickness of standard craft foam.

This single sheet of thinner foam is manipulated and moulded with your fingers. It does not need an iron or heat gun. It makes a more delicate looking flower, and it can be coloured with distress inks, distress oxides, oil pastels, gelatos and more.