Went surfing the web, got caught up in the netting!

Posted by Craft All Day's Minion on 9th Oct 2017

Today we are focusing on one of our favourite kinds of embellishments and additions to a card or scrapbooking project, or any craft related project for that matter, and that is the beautiful Spiders Web Netting!

They look delicate, but hold strong, and have a lot of durability and can be manipulated into any shape you desire. They can be torn up, slice up, or neatly cut and shaped around a feature, it's entirely up to you!

Every Spiders Web Netting item is available at www.craftallday.co.uk and can be found by clicking here.

As you can see from the pictures below, they are truly beautiful additions and laces, and will really add an extra layer of something special to your project!


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