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Monday's Resin Release & Your Monday Motivation!

Posted by Craft All Day's Minion on 20th Nov 2017

Well do we have a special embellishment to show you today or what?!To celebrate the fact that Strictly Come Dancing was in Blackpool on Saturday, we are releasing this beautiful piece, of a couple dan … read more

Monday's New Resin Release! Ornate Railing!

Posted by Craft All Day's Minion on 13th Nov 2017

Today we are very pleased to announce the release of our newest resin piece, this wonderful piece of ornate railing which has a lovely Greek, Roman and classic feel to it!!This piece can really bring … read more

Psst... if you're looking for the ballerinas, they're in here!

Posted by Craft All Day's Minion on 7th Nov 2017

So yesterday we showed you how some simple yet elegant resin embellishments of ballerinas and shoes can really bring out a card and bring it to life, and now they are on site as well as on our Faceboo … read more