Inserts for Exploding Box (ID9) - White - 300gsm - Set of 2 - (ID3065)

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Inserts for Exploding Box (ID9) - White - 300gsm - Set of 2 - (ID3065)

  Base for making inserts

A set of two inserts for the Exploding Box, the set consists of two elements cut from the die on the press, which are creased along the edges, which greatly facilitates folding and prevents the paper from breaking.
The inserts are made of the same papers as the Exploding Box GoatBox, there are no differences in shades.
The Exploding Box supplemented with a set of inserts is a real, full exploding box when opened.



  • dimensions after folding the insert with hearts 25.7 x 25.7 cm, bottom diameter 8.7 cm
  • dimension after folding the insert with the envelope 23.4 x 23.4 cm diameter of the bottom 7.7 cm
  • the inserts do not have a lid and - to make them a full box, you need to buy an exploding Box base (traditional, with pockets or an album - they fit all types of GoatBox exploding box)
  • basis weight  300g / m2
  • for self-gluing and assembly